Crypto Trees
Crypto Trees is an NFT collectibles project which aims to bring the issue of environmental impact
to the world of Crypto Art, at its scale.

Reforestation can solve a lot of problems, anyone can plant a tree, and so can you!

So own a digital tree & plant a real one at the same time!

How ?
Each NFT tree you acquire is, at least, a tree that will be planted.
At the end of each month, we will plant, or make the donation for the trees to be planted.

What ?
We have pre-made Trees: The Seed, The Shrub, The Tree & The Elder, each one minted at 20 editions. They are the ones with the lowest ecological impact, as they don't need new render or new minting. If you want to participate and join this project at low cost, you might look for these ones. Once one edition is depleted, we will mint a new version.
The Seed
0.02 Ξ = 1 Tree Planted
The Shrub
0.1 Ξ = 5 Trees Planted
The Tree
0.2 Ξ = 12 Trees Planted
The Elder
0.3 Ξ = 25 Trees Planted
If you are the kind of collector that only looks for 1/1 edition, we have also something for you: Your Own Unique Tree. We will only mint a few editions at the time and we only mint new once all the previous ones have been acquired. 
Your Own Unique Tree
0.8 Ξ = 150 Trees Planted
The Imaginaries trees are for adventurers, those who are not afraid to go off the beaten track, to face the capricious elements, or to encounter strange shapes. We can't predict when or what they might look like, but each tree in this category will be an edition of 5.
The Imaginaries
0.5 Ξ = 60 Trees Planted
The Cryptrees  are based on some of the most famous cryptocurrencies out there, they will appeal to the seasoned collector. They say money doesn't grow on trees, but what if they get it wrong? You better have one in your collection, just in case. Each one will be minted as an edition of 3.
The Cryptrees
0.6 Ξ = 80 Trees Planted
Yggdrasil: The one. Around it exists all else, and only one can have it.
With this one, you will not plant just some trees, but a forest.
Auction = At least 5.000 Trees Planted
That's it ! 

We don't pretend to be an environmentally perfect project that will solve all problems.
But we want to act at our level and do an NFT collectibles project that at least compensates for its cost.

Keep in mind that nothing will be better than giving directly to an organization off the blockchain.

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